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By squonk (anonymous) | Posted August 02, 2007 at 15:26:07

seancb: Because TTC drivers will forget that you asked. A lot. You have to sit there and pray that they haven't, and that you won't be unbelievably late for an appointment because the driver passed your stop ten minutes ago and you have to get off and wait for a bus going the other way. And then hope that *that* driver doesn't forget your stop.

Imagine never, ever being able to relax on transit because of this. And familiarity with the city has nothing to do with it--if you're unable to visually recognize street signs or landmarks, it can be very difficult to determine where your stop is, especially when some stops are skipped because no one requests them.

Solution: Drivers should call out every stop. You won't have to worry about being forgotten and you'll always know where you are.

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