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By greg_tedesco (registered) | Posted July 18, 2014 at 13:37:51

Thanks for sharing this Jason. Completely agree that the infrastructure and built environment do not support safety for all modes of travel and really exclude some from utilizing other modes of transportation.

I'd consider myself a confident cyclist, and even so I'm still nervous most times I hit the road in Hamilton if that makes any sense. After being aggressively cut off twice today on Cannon by a city bus (as I was following every rule of the road within my rights) I came to Raise the Hammer and behold, this piece summing up so many thoughts :) I pulled over beside the driver and respectfully requested to chat. No response. I said I had a right to be on the road and I asked if their life was more valuable than mine? Stared ahead, no response...

It's incredibly frustrating to see public health and safety in road and community design so undervalued in many ways. If you build a road that looks and feels like a highway, people will treat it that way, even if bikes are supposed to use that route too. Here's hoping the dialogue continues to shift and we see some action taken moving forward to build safe streets for all forms of transportation; and here's hoping nobody else gets hurt on the road before that happens. Thanks, again for writing this Jason!

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