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By KevinLove (registered) | Posted July 24, 2014 at 19:55:44

the public has not "clamoured" for LRT

In fact, there has been unprecedented public consultation on LRT with overwhelming community support. Looks like clamouring to me.

I also don't recall getting any opportunity to participate in any public consultation about our present car dominated transportation system. That was just rammed down my throat, along with all the car driver's lethal pollution.

How about a public consultation before we continue to tolerate the following:

Car drivers poison and kill 93 people in Hamilton each year. Also, a 10-year average for people being crushed and killed by car drivers is 19.2 people. Giving a total body count of over 112 people killed by car drivers in Hamilton every year.

Additionally, 395 people are injured so seriously by being poisoned by car drivers in Hamilton every year that they have to be hospitalized.

Children, the elderly and hospital patients are particularly vulnerable to being poisoned by car drivers. Every year in Hamilton children suffer 15,510 asthma symptom days and an additional 279 children suffer acute bronchitis attacks due to being poisoned by car drivers. Health care costs due to people being poisoned by car drivers are $511 million every year in Hamilton.

I don't remember having an opportunity to participate in a public consultation to ask if I was OK with all this death and injury and with car drivers launching lethal cancer poison attacks upon myself and my children.

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