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By jason (registered) | Posted August 12, 2014 at 10:18:00 in reply to Comment 103880

I personally still don't understand this height phobia in Hamilton. Does it really make a difference in the end of a building is 8 or 6 floors? Ditto for the Tivoli where the city is trying to cap development at 12 instead of 22 floors. Really? Will it look or feel any differently walking down the street at either height? Local opponents to every project seem to point to Vancouver as an example of what we should be doing instead. Yet I guarantee you if a developers proposed a 3-storey townhouse podium with a slender 25 storey tower on top those same folks would freak out.
I personally prefer shorter mixed-use buildings like Charlton Ave close to single family homes, and taller buildings in areas where no low density homes will be impacted, such as the Tiv or James Baptist.

Having said all that, to me the biggest issues we face continue to be lack of mixed-uses and lousy architecture.

This building

should have had retail at the corner instead of an empty wall in front of parking. More like this:

Hamilton really needs more mixed use developments and more modern building materials, not stucco panels and blank brick walls.

The Design Review Panel is in it's early stages, but I'm hopeful they will see better design and ground floor uses as a result of their efforts. That really should be their main focus, not this height boogeyman.

Bill, turns out most of this comment wasn't about the Charlton project at all. But for the original question I posed about what diff 8 or 6 floors makes.

If citizens feel that being able to 'see' a condo tower from their property lowers property values they need to explain TO or Ottawa. Heck, my property values continues to soar and I can see several high-rises from my windows and yard.

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