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By 2bhonest (registered) | Posted August 13, 2014 at 12:03:14

It is not so much a NIMBY issue, but an issue with what strings are pulled when developers come calling at City Hall. The following points are valid to me, but I also encourage debate, correction or additional information!

  1. In the developers' initial proposal to the planning department there are exclamations about how this development is an exciting moment for Hamilton and how these condo’s will offer ‘spectacular views’ for future residents. He then states that from the Stinson neighbourhood viewpoint, most of the buildings will be hidden by the tree canopy. How can you have both?

  2. Saying that their main objective is to blend in and work with the community? In reality developers are only in this business to make a profit. That is the bottom line in any business, I get that, but how much profit is reasonable and how much is just plain speculator development. Cramming it all in for the biggest return? It is a sad world where we have to question the morals and ethics in every new build and every demolition. The NEC (and most residents) will accept development containing 4 stories or lower, but the developer wants the most units he can squeeze in. He is sticking to three buildings of either 5, 5, and 6 or 4, 5 and 7 stories because he has to provide at least one parking space per unit plus a percentage of visitor parking. He wants as many units possible on that land but he also has to match that with the number of lawful parking spots he has to provide. If you are a two car family it will most likely be a major issue. Stinson Lofts has this problem and parking is becoming a nightmare on surrounding streets. Charlton Avenue would have no on-street parking alternative.

  3. The issue most of Stinson area residents have, is that this is a small site. Big enough for the small scale businesses previously located there, but stretched to contain homes for 160+ people. The developers proposal states this development is part of the community and close to public transit. Really? Residents will have to walk (or bike) to Wentworth and Stinson or Victoria and Stinson to catch a bus. It would be Wentworth and Main to buy milk or bread if you run out unexpectedly. Not great in winter months, or for anyone not totally fit and agile. Might be a good place to set up a bike share depot though! So, one car per unit will really affect couples or families as this is an isolated spot for pedestrians.

  4. It is also just north of a busy freight rail corridor that has a street level crossing over Wentworth. Freight trains can take quite a while to pass through and have on occasion, stopped mid-stretch, causing cars to attempt u-turns either side. Residents living north of this railway have an escape route in any emergency evacuation - we just head out and north. Where will these Charlton residents go? Scrambling up the escarpment? Or down Charlton that runs alongside the tracks, towards Victoria Avenue and head-on into any dispatched emergency vehicles. Another point is, who services this location with emergency vehicles? In my estimation and looking at a map, lower Hamilton fire and ambulance service would have to travel down Wellington to Young then to Victoria onto Charlton. North of Young, Victoria is one way north and Wellington one way south stopping at Young? Using Wentworth would be okay most of the time but if it was a freight derailment, that crossing would almost certainly be blocked. Hopefully Hamilton’s Emergency Management Plan has looked at this area as part of the Planning and Development process.

  5. Getting children to school in Corktown? The developer wants to put stairs from the new property down to the RailTrail. Might be an answer but not really the best solution.

  6. The final concern is that it seems that the developers want the City of Hamilton to pay 50% of infrastructure cost. This development is a one-off profit maker, not of benefit to anyone else and they want the residents of Hamilton to pay half the costs to upgrade water and hydro services and new sidewalks on Charlton?

Maybe these points can be viewed as a NIMBY attitude but really, we just want the best for our neighbourhood and also the best for new residents.

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