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By Outraged at idiocy (anonymous) | Posted September 05, 2014 at 11:09:35

Such comparisons are ridiculous and unworthy of this site. First, this issue came to light because the RBG asked. Is the author angry the RBG is not sufficiently concerned about Mac students and should be advocating for them? Second turtles do not nor should they be, expected to understand our ridiculously car-centric life and need help since we built roads amid their home. when the city paves over your house and builds a road between rooms so you need to cross the road to get from the bedroom to the kitchen, maybe you can equate the issue better. Third, there are species that are threatened with actual extinction, helping turtles is the least we can do after almost decimating their population and speed limits don't go far enough. this is about actual species existence on the planet! Finally, a lack of reaction by the city on one issue should not make the turtles the villain or under any conceivable idea that animals get a better break than people. They never have and given our society never will. This sad attempt at making it sound like animals are getting better consideration than people should take a better look on how we treat animals and how many die on roads, shot for fun, abused, used, driven to extinction all by people and human-centric policies. Take the safety issue to whom it belongs the school and the city and stop trying to drive a wedge simply because species survival makes the city consider slower speeds on one strip of road.

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