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By BrandonWard1 (anonymous) | Posted January 22, 2015 at 18:25:54

Passion for our city can only get us so far. Sooner or later decisions will have to be made that will have a long-lasting, positive, and progressive effect on our city. Decisions made by a select few that send us back to the 1970s is not a way of moving forward. Killing an idea without presenting a better solution is not the way. If you are going to kill an idea (much like the "9" did last night), at least have the strength and courage to present alternatives in its place. Or better yet, use a fact-/evidence-based approach to your decision-making paradigms. The status quo is clearly not working and after last night, the "9" will go down in municipal history as having the same logic, the same mentality, and the same resolve as those who campaigned so ruthlessly against cultural acceptance, sustainability, closer-knit & safer communities, etc. What those "9" hold on to are old ideals and beliefs that no longer apply to today and it would be better for everyone if they accepted that Hamilton is ready for to change for the better.

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