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By mel (registered) | Posted February 09, 2015 at 13:56:36

Excellent article! Well articulated.

Next steps? How do we, the citizenry who ARE engaged, help move city councillors from fearful inaction into action?

If history has something to teach us it is that city councillors do not necessarily listen to/accept city staff and their reports.

I think we have a winner in David Dixon. He needs support. Our support. I, for one, will lend him my support and make my councillor aware that I support Mr. Dixon's efforts.

Further, HSR would benefit from having citizens/riders on the HSR Advisory Board. One of the things Guelph Transit did right was to have 2 citizen advisors on their Board (1 student rep from U/Guelph, the other a transit rider) and those voices helped to shape GT into a more-user friendly transit system. I"m not saying it was perfect -- it wasn't -- but at least there was rider representation. Does the report discuss this at all?

Finally, one thing HSR could do right now, right away, without costing a penny: when the bus is FULL, display "Sorry, bus full" where route number/name is. Guelph Transit began doing this 4 years ago and it went a long way to foster better customer service (stranded riders didn't have to wonder why the bus wouldn't stop) and helped track the number of routes, days, and times that buses could not accommodate everyone wishing to get on. That data led to GT adjusting service times, service routes, and adding to the fleet.

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