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By jason (registered) | Posted February 09, 2015 at 21:22:13 in reply to Comment 108917

Wow....tremendous graph. That the #8 York is on par with a crosstown route like Cannon, and far ahead of crosstown's on the Mtn such as Mohawk, Stone Church and Rymal is remarkable.

Why on earth are we planning an express route to run the same route as that pitiful Rymal bus??

I posted a few months ago that I felt a new express route should be developed running from downtown to Mohawk college and then to Limeridge Mall. Lo and behold, which 3 Mountain routes are the best performing? the 25/26 and 35.
I simply don't understand this fixation with the A-Line route when anyone who works at city hall or the HSR only needs to ride these routes for a month to see that there is far greater demand on the Limeridge Mall/Mohawk corridor.

How the A-Line got bumped to 2nd on the list for rapid transit is a head-scratcher. And the Rymal line? Well, unless we plan on building a proper urban street along the Rymal corridor with mixed-use buildings and not just single family homes, I don't see a rapid transit route ever being useful there.

I'm not saying it shouldn't be built, but not before more pressing express routes such as the aforementioned route, and perhaps a Barton route and the T-line.

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