Comment 108923

By jansserj (registered) | Posted February 09, 2015 at 22:07:14 in reply to Comment 108915

DowntownInHamilton: I mean the entire city.

The whole conversation about "transit for the downtown" vs. "transit for the city" is flawed... I mean, the entire purpose of transit is to move me around from A to B, and what purpose does transit have if connects only the "downtown" to the "downtown."

Case in point, and as I mention in the letter: my parents live in Dundas, I used to work in Ancaster, I live downtown, I have friends and family on the east mountain and... well, I have no use for Stoney Creek, but I'm sure some people somewhere do. The lives of Hamiltonians are more than in their own neighbourhoods -- public transit should be instrumental in connecting these unique parts of the city!

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