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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted February 10, 2015 at 20:20:57 in reply to Comment 108993

Indeed! I just needed a ride from the GO to Mohawk road on west mountain. At peak hours the 33 was passing people by before we were even past Mohawk College. It was stuffed before we even started up the escarpment. I tried to call somebody at HSR to let them know this was happening regularly, but gave up before I figured out who to reach and how, recognizing it was a unlikely that anyone would give a crap.

When the 33 passed me by at Hunter Street I realized HSR was non-viable along with a normal life, so that ended there.

A friend of mine on the east mountain - her employer chose to proactively arrange carpool for her - this productive and valued young lady was going to quit because the bus ride to stoney creek was virtually impossible.

It looks like there may be a fairly large number of people that are actually suffering because the whole "organism" suffering because its parts aren't working together (reference to wards sabotaging each other so to speak).

Personally, I wanted to see an efficient, world class execution, of a provincially paid higher order transit on one of the crush corridors (B-line) with the freed buses filling in numerous other service deficiencies. But so far only in my naive little (duh it's so simple why aren't you doing it this way :) mind.

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