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By jason (registered) | Posted February 11, 2015 at 22:36:30

I wonder why the previous 10 year HSR plan which called for an express bus system using the shoulders of the RHVP, Linc and 403 isn't being pursued right now by Dixon and his new 10-year plan? Talk about a cost-effective way to make rapid connections in a huge geographical area of the city for not a whole lot of money.

Ottawa has been doing this for years:

Bus stops are located at the on-ramp back onto the highway after having exited. The stop would be right here on the right, then a bus-only ramp would be cut through the median on Upper James allowing the bus to access the on-ramp back onto the Linc and continue it's journey:

Off the top of my head this could start at Eastgate or the Centennial/QEW commercial development and have stops at Barton/Queenston/King/Meadowlands East/Upper Gage/Upper Wentworth/Upper James/Garth/Meadowlands/MIP/McMaster U

It was proposed years ago, but like every transit proposal hasn't been followed up on.

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