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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted February 24, 2015 at 17:57:32 in reply to Comment 109679

But ... municipal roads are funded out of property taxes (not gas taxes or license fees). And everyone pays property taxes, either directly or indirectly through rent, independent of how much they drive. So drivers do not pay "disproportionately more" for the urban roads we are discussing here.

In fact, as this article points out, if you don't drive, or don't drive very much, you are paying far more for your urban roads than you get in return.

And it is well-established that even all the fees paid by drivers do not cover the cost of building, maintaining and policing the roads. (Let alone the health care and other costs associated with collisions and pollution.)

But the other way of looking at this is that close to 100% of Ontario residents are pedestrians, every single day of their lives!

Why are they drivers first and pedestrians second (or not at all)? Why assume that most people who drive identify themselves primarily as "drivers"? Pedestrians are by far the "biggest number".

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