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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted February 24, 2015 at 18:45:28 in reply to Comment 109679

84% of the adult tax paying people drive.

Hi! I have a valid driver's license and a clean history. In addition to being gainfully employed and paying my taxes, in fact, I moved somewhere where I pay more for property in order to have (more) complete streets. I choose to commute by bike and transit first, with car use on demand, maybe once a month or once a quarter to do larger cargo errands. Quick phone call and Enterprise comes to get me, and I just learned that Burlington has a car share so it's time to give that a try.

May I, humbly of course being one person, identify myself as one of the 84% that does not drive.

Already your assumptions are ripe for causing collateral damage to people who do not fit your assumptions. There are WAY too many assumptions being thrown around about how people think and live and want to live. Stop assuming that everyone with a driver's license wants things exactly the way they are. It just is not true and honestly, one of the few remaining human rights abuses in this country.

And just to add, I grew up pure stereotypical mountain life. Bought my first car very young, drove everywhere, taking the bus was for losers, et-cetera. It was the combination of traveling Europe, literally living in KevinLove's videos for a while, combined with the price shocks of 2004 and 2008, combined with the sardine-can QEW, lots of things - changed me at the core and redefined what is possible as far as quality of life.

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