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By jason (registered) | Posted February 24, 2015 at 20:43:37

This condo development boom we're seeing is not going to last, and it will definitely dry up and blow away if we don't put the right amenities into place for urban dwellers moving to Hamilton from other cities, where they're used to such things being a part of their livelihoods.

Can you comprehend the loss we will experience if they stay home and we left with a bunch of half-empty condo towers lining Main and King?

Already loud rumblings of this. One developer recently told city hall he's having people love the units but not fathom living with Main/King as their front door. Another developer owns property on Main West and wants to do condos, but wants one less lane on Main for wider sidewalks or bike lanes.
He might want to invest in another city that cares.

I have family who looked at a unit in Vranich-ville and LOVED it. But live between two highways? No thanks.

City Hall will prematurely kill the condo boom by clinging to these dangerous, outdated streets. And then blame some other phoney excuse as to why the boom suddenly dried up, when the answer lies in the mirror.

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