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By Dylan (registered) | Posted February 26, 2015 at 19:08:24 in reply to Comment 109744

Have the stars ever aligned like they are now for THIS degree of opportunity? I ask out of sheer ignorance.

Housing costs have skyrocketed throughout the GTA up to Burlington, with Hamilton being the last bastion of undervalued prices. We have a generation that's incredibly well educated that is entering family rearing age that can not afford houses anywhere near Toronto Proper. McMaster is opening new campuses downtown. The province is going to hand us nearly a billion bucks for LRT. Commuting to and from Toronto is finally feasible and in the summer a new station will open. Finally, and this is nothing new , Hamilton distinguishes itself from the 'burgs' of Toronto in that it has it's own increasingly vibrant downtown.

Maybe it's because I'm a newby, but I feel like there is a culmination of events here.

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