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By Selway (registered) | Posted March 04, 2015 at 00:42:55

After reading the article (perhaps not with the attention it merits) and also Mr. Higgins' dissertation proposal, I can't help but wonder about the value downdraft of allowing as-of-right development to some unspecified in the article height/density/unit size in TOD zones while we're waiting for the train to actually arrive. Why invest in my property if someone will soon come along and buy my land for a great big something or other? As for the supposed market demand to which the Connaught, Connolly and Tivoli projects are responses...Where are these new tower dwellers going every morning? Somewhere way down the road to their job? If so, why are they downtown? GO? Maybe. Maybe somebody should ask the people who have ponied up for units at the Connaught where they are living and working now and why they are coming downtown, if they are? Almost all the actual building at present is occuring at the edges, particularly along the Rymal Road corridor. And it is almost all two story residential. TOD out there? Why? Who needs to travel from the power centre at Meadowlands to the identical item at Summit Park? In short, the main premise, that land use planning and transportation planning are necessarily complementary is of course unexceptionable; but the question is whether the City has just chosen to forget, or if it is tacit policy to separate them. I have no idea how one would be able to answer that at this point.

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