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By higgicd (registered) | Posted March 04, 2015 at 22:51:01 in reply to Comment 109953

I don't imagine we will end up agreeing here, as I am coming to find this issue more a fundamental divide in preferences along generational and perspective lines. From my end I just don't see how your argument holds weight without ignoring all the serious damage auto-oriented policies have done to this city. My feelings on the issue are more or less summarized in a previous article

Suburban areas have their strengths, as do urban ones. Unfortunately trying to make an urban area more suburban and amenable to automobiles goes against the strengths of downtowns in density and economic agglomeration. Hamilton is not a unique snowflake in this regard - take Calgary, more than half of workers going downtown take the C-Train. To me mass transit epitomizes the greatest good for the greatest number in this case, and there's a clear rationale for transit getting priority over single-occupant vehicles. This so-called silent majority of car culture in Hamilton seems content to live the vision of the 1950s city but also to be so wilfully ignorant or dismissive of the damage it has caused.

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