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By notlloyd (registered) - website | Posted March 05, 2015 at 00:43:01 in reply to Comment 109960

Is the Answer to create separate cities? Or might the Answer be to stop the rape of the virgin land and with guts face the onslaught of the developers and force the re-development of the inner city?

I agree that demonizing innocent people is mistaken on this site. But Mr. Higgins' larger point is that allowing continued suburban expansion is ultimately a doomed proposition. A moratorium on residential development of farmland and some force to re-develop the lower city could be massively positive.

I do not believe the the LRT is the answer. It may be needed in time. But utilizing existing infrastructure to re-establish the lower city has ecological, financial and moral value. Or maybe they go hand in hand. But Mr. Higgins' bigger point is that there are huge planning issues at stake.

I certainly do not agree with all that he said, and you raise fabulous points, but one point cannot be ignored and that is that if developers cannot be refocused on the lower city, it will die and the Balkanization you speak of will become ensconced for generations.

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