Comment 110421

By kevlahan (registered) | Posted March 23, 2015 at 11:13:51 in reply to Comment 110419

Does your definition of "downtown" extend from Ottawa Street to Dundas and from the Waterfront to Concession? I've never heard of Gage Park or Westdale (one of the best served areas) referred to as "downtown" before.

That is a huge area of the city to be served in the very first phase of the service! Don't forget that Mountain councillors initially did not even want the stations in their wards!

Do you really think no service can be launched in the city unless it immediately reaches everyone? You don't think population density or potential use should play any role at all in deciding service coverage?

You do realize that this service is run by a not-for-profit company that is not being funded by the city (its initial capital grant was from Metrolinx from a fund that must be spent on active transportation). They need to have a financially viable service.

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