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By CharlesBall (registered) | Posted April 28, 2015 at 09:03:22 in reply to Comment 111121

I looked at the above comment this morning and it was already greyed out. So I looked up the statistics and as far as I can see they are largely correct, though waggish as the cited statistics do not take into account the massive difference in volume of cycle use in the Netherlands.

Having said that, I inferred from the writer that he was not attacking cycling, but really the use of statistics to import a type of "in terrorum" argument into the discussion. For example, to say that 93 people are poisoned by cars per year, taken from one report of one government official, might ignore that the same number if not more are killed by wood burning stoves (which individually cause more harmful pollution than automobiles.)

So my take on the comment is that saying that 112 people are killed every year is a distraction from the valid suggestion in the article that we should strive to make Hamilton a much more cycle friendly city. (If he had not said he was a wag I would have just thought he was a jerk)

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