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By Local business owner (anonymous) | Posted April 29, 2015 at 04:54:36

I agree the one way streets are a bit ridiculous. The other day I heard a group of proud folks discussing how they think it would be horrible if we ever converted King and Main back too two way.

They were a proud group of nay sayers.

I interrupted because I am tired of this garbage, and proposed that if you take both streets and convert them too two way, you end up with the same amount of lanes going west and east.

Math is amazing.

I then continued to point out that the businesses along both streets would thrive and that as a business owner on one of these two streets, I may be able to hire their kids one day. I also pointed out that if King and Main blossom then so does every side street. Oh and Not to mention the increase in property values would be pretty nice as well.

It really does amaze me the reaction I get when you point out that the flow of traffic would be the same if we converted back too two way on our main arteries.

The people running this city are very close minded for the most part.

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