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By John Neary (registered) | Posted April 29, 2015 at 22:19:25

Bravo, Chris. I hope that people at City Hall are still paying attention and that they read this piece and take it to heart.

I really like your idea for the C-line. I've never understood why the current A-line express bus runs north to the waterfront (through a couple of four-way stop signs, of all things) rather than east to HGH, or why the proposed A-line LRT/BRT is supposed to use the same route. The B-line is undoubtedly better suited for LRT, but the number of transportation hubs and major institutions between Barton and Fennell is staggering (HGH, James North GO, King/James, Hunter GO, St. Joseph's Charlton, St. Joseph's West 5th, Mohawk), so I agree that some sort of rapid transit on that corridor is equally important.

True BRT between Limeridge and HGH (or even Mohawk and HGH) would be way more cost effective than running nearly empty buses out to the airport and the waterfront.

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