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By NotLoggedInMyrcurial (anonymous) | Posted May 03, 2015 at 16:03:35 in reply to Comment 111074

I lived one residential street over from a 4 lane 1 way... our street had 'lost' 48' trailers running up and down it every day.

Now, I live on a residential street near a 4 lane bi-directional... and the limit on our street is 50km/h while the 4 lane is 'calmed' to a 40km/h limit. GUESS WHAT DRIVERS DO...

There's only one reasonable criteria for a one-way street: The width of the street cannot support two vehicles passing each other (ie: narrower than 20' of pavement) -- ALL OTHER STREETS MUST BE 2-way. Even shitty two way (3 lanes + 1 lane contra) is better than a one-way.

Of course, as long as the vote of a councilor who oversees a ward without sidewalks has a vote over whether or not city streets are sanely designed... well...


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