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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted July 23, 2015 at 11:52:05 in reply to Comment 113020

Ironically, it can be #socialism or #freeenterprise too.

Imagine microtransit -- -- municipally-provided Uber/UberPOOL via self-driving cars and minibuses.

Or non-profit carshare services (Autoshare/car2go) becoming Uber competitors when all these cars are hailable & self-driving, and exist in big 10,000 fleet numbers city-wide. No suburb car ownership needed, if you don't want to own a car!

These will rapidly shuttle suburbanites to bus stations, train stations, subways, etc.

And car owners who lose a job / go to school / need to pay car bill -- Can opt-in their own self-driving cars into unattended Uber service whenever you're at home/work/school. Your car goes off by itself to do Uber/public-style service, while you're not using it. Then your car goes by itself to a cleaning service after Uber/public duty. Then your owned car goes back to you for your commute home (along with other automatically carpooled passengers headed near your home, for extra profit).

Government funded, capital funded (stock IPO), self funded (your own small business).

More people per car. Fewer cars per citizen. Road capacity goes up! No streetside parking as cars are self-valeting. More bike lanes, people, faster public transit, Less congestion.

The first Category 3 self-driving cars won't do it.

But when fully automatic self-valeting Category 4 self-driving cars arrive, it can happen.

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