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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted July 24, 2015 at 12:23:28 in reply to Comment 113055

I've been warehousing information for an article, but out of necessity:

I found info that there will be a crossover to the adjacent CN main line. And supplementary info leads to it being 2016. Couldn't this be used for now, in the interim? They only need to build the stub further east a little bit, only a little, to clear an underpass or few, and install a crossover. The rest of the Metrolinx track can be built towards Stoney Creek later. Niagara trains are using the CN mainline today anyway, so why not?

They always put crossovers between adjacent rails at strategic points along a corridor, to bypass problems like stalled trains or rail problems.

Also, they have the Lewis overnight train parking yard complete for 2016. That's located past Stoney Creek, and that train yard is where they plan to park trains overnight. Why would they finish this 2016 if West Harbour isn't a through station?

So "through station" capability and "overnight layover" capability are apparently funded for completion 2016.

Source: Metrolinx PDF documents.

Photo proof (early 2015) of Lewis/Grimbsy construction:

They are apparently running a somewhat late, but they haven't pushed completion to 2019.

Why open this in 2016, indeed, if West Harbour can't be a through station??? Why open two platforms at West Harbour in 2016 if it's not a through station till 2019???

2016 introduction of Niagara Summer Trains is a no-brainer, full stop.

Also, the wheelchair-access ramp at the east end of the station, that cuts across the railroad spur was last-minute build because the elevator wasn't working, but later, the sidewalk will only access the south side. The elevator is now working, and this sidewalk will be cut off when the 2nd platform is built, so nothing blocks eastward extension for 2016. I am also a member of a discussion forum where some GO construction people posts, this is how I found out about why the wheelchair ramp cuts across the stub.

We have a perfect opportunity to make sure Niagara Summer Service comes sooner than 2019, simply by making sure Metrolinx doesn't delay certain tasks that's already funded for 2016 including the crossover back to CN main line. From my research so far, we can get Niagara well before 2019 without extra tax cost.

This gives us all-day 2-way service to Toronto too, and Niagara trains are very fast -- 40 minutes to burlington and 56 mins when they zoom by West Harbour (when watching GPS movements on ) so that is competitive with Hamilton 16 Express on a busy-traffic day. The train could be renamed the "Toronto-Hamilton-Niagara" train, as it's not just for Niagara.

I've been doing ongoing research. I have an RTH article submission in progress about Niagara Seasonal Train Service to Hamilton being written. If you know some information that I don't know, please share as I want to incorporate your information into my report.

Let's make sure it happens in 2017 or even 2016, are you with me?

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