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Side note:

For those who did not know:

The PanAm West Harbour express GO train from Union-to-Hamilton at 5:50pm weekdays is a non-stop train that makes no stops between Union and Hamilton. It usually leaves late at 6pm (but you should board it by 5:50pm) and then arrives early. Its average transit time is 55 minutes West Harbour.

Recently, the 5:50pm PanAm West Harbour Express (ultra-conservatively timetabled at 1h10min) made it between Union to West Harbour in an amazing 47 minutes (left Union almost 30 minutes late, arrived only 2 minute late).

According to a GO train driver that posts in a forum that I frequent (vegata_skyline), he thinks it was a record for a 12-car bilevel in revenue service (not deadheading) -- and probably a modern passenger record since CN/VIA discontinued the express train services a long time ago. The last-ever West Harbour Express is 5:50pm today (take it as your commute home from Toronto, if you're in Toronto), if you want to ride an amazingly fast GO Train to Hamilton. I ride it as my commute home & I love this train, over my usual Lakeshore West train.

My GPS speedometer on my iPhone shows that this train peaks at 135kph-140kph at some sections past Oakville. Then it goes slow beyond Burlington due to speed limits, but it's a hella fun ride for a normal pokey GO train, and brings back memories of Hamilton Express Trains of yesteryear before they died.

This GO express train been running for two weeks. The last train is today. If you're working in Toronto, take it! 5:50pm departing Union on July 24th, 2015 -- making no stops until it reaches Hamilton.

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