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By RobF (registered) | Posted July 25, 2015 at 00:20:40

The City disclosed at a recent community workshop hosted by Evergreen CityWorks that it plans to move forward with an Official Plan Amendment to bring elements of the James North Mobility Hub Study into Setting Sail. This will deal with some of the issues you are raising as it identifies opportunity sites for intensification with suggested building massings and heights somewhat in excess of Setting Sail, but still within the mid-rise range.

There is talk that a major component of the OPA will deal with changes needed to make redevelopment/revitalization of the social housing complex between James and MacNab north of Strachan economically feasible ... i.e. raze the townhouses and replace them with two 6-8 storey buildings (one market housing, the other social housing), but the City has been coy about its plans.

Truthfully, the real potential for intensification identified in the James North Mobility Hub Study is on the south side of the rail corridor which includes the old beer store property, the Liuna lower parking lot, and the sea of parking in front of the Food Basics ... to name a few listed in the study.

I don't think people in the North End fear intensification, per se. But there is a difference between gradual change via infilling and mid-rise redevelopment, and a land-rush by speculators hoping to see their properties up-zoned as a way to cash in ... I worry about the latter, not the former.

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