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By Dylan (registered) | Posted July 25, 2015 at 08:33:59 in reply to Comment 113066

When I walk past the Union Station bus platform at 5:20ish there is always a line for the 5:30pm bus to Hamilton. I walk past it and get the 5:37 train (or rush to get the new 5:23). On a good day, that bus would have gotten me to Hamilton Go 5 minutes earlier. On a bad day it could be an hour late. The train is consistent, which must make scheduling employees much easier. And as you can see from the times you posted, more often than not rush hour buses, even when they achieve their schedule, and much slower than a train.

If the bus is superfluous to the train (and based on those arrival times and the various connections offered at Burlington and Aldershot, it is) it makes no sense to have them on the road anyway; it would be cheaper to pay the drivers to sit it the station than to drive a costly to maintain gas guzzler through stop and go traffic. The lineup of customers perplexes me, but I chaulk it up to ignorance and a routine of taking the bus rather than the train. If you remove the bus option those customers will find their way to the train and enjoy a more civilized ride. I rarely see anyone waiting for the bus with a bike but you can't provide a bus for their convenience alone. There are more cost effective ways of accommodating them.

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