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By Mateo (anonymous) | Posted July 25, 2015 at 21:36:01

Dear Paige,

It is very interesting how a theatre person judges a dance work from a linear storytelling perspective. And it's funny, you mention if I had a heart and not Mozart? I think you missed the overused music choice. I have not seen the TV show but I'm not surprised it is used somewhere else, indeed it's a great track.

Just to inform you, within the process we invited multiple prfesional outside eyes that helped us find the artistic intention of the work. They had the understanding that the work doesn't intend to tell a story but create imagery and a feeling. We acknowledge there is still tons of work to do, but we've had professional artist look at the work and give their input. Maybe those artist don't have a "strong editorial eye" to your eye.

When you talk about technical proficiency, what do you mean? What technique are you talking about? Do you have any knowledge about dance technique? Please explain.

I believe you need to watch more dance works and develop a frame of reference outside of the theatre world. Form and fixation is not a musical, it's not a play. And from your lack of reference I believe your comments are very ill informed. If you look at Francis Bacon expecting to see a Davinci, well you're going to be very disappointed.

Mateo Galindo Torres

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