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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted July 27, 2015 at 15:30:13 in reply to Comment 113092

Excellent point about building heights. Initially, for transit-friendly areas, I think the realistic compromise height for residential neighbourhood infill condos is 4 stories for a building without a parking garage.

This lets builders get away without an elevator, doesn't suffocate houses, and provides something "rather dense" by Hamilton old-suburb standards, and doesn't lower the value of adjacent houses because the fancier 4-story buildings are often better looking some uglier houses typically found north of King.

On the other hand, it's a mixed bag as part of us love to see the nicer victorian houses renovated instead too with nicer gardens. But we understand the need for sustainable development, especially in areas where the houses are falling apart or already demolished anyway, as well as the brownfields and parkinglots that exist. It just has to be done in a way that doesn't price the poor out of oblivion, and creates house poverty (from high costs) that reduces neighborliness. We find Hamilton far more neighbourly than Toronto, as more of us are not as time-starved trying to keep up being house-poor or rent-poor with the higher costs there.

Bring on sustainable development that justifies the taxpayer expense of West Harbour GO and Stoney Creek GO, and bring electrified all-day-2-way 15-min electrified GO trains. The Lewis facility they're building in Stoney Creek is being built to support upgradeability to electrified GO trains. It may not be for 20 years, but, they're going to build 15-min electrified Burlingon service for 2024, so let's make sure we get our turn via "Regional Express Rail 10-Year Plan #2" 2025-2034 and get a Gage GO infill station too between West Harbour and Stoney Creek. Did you know the city bought land there for a soccer field? Excellent move protecting for a future infill Gage Avenue North GO station maybe within 20 years (imagine cycling SoBi from Gage Park area to Gage electrified GO station and having 15-min all-day 2-way service to either Hamilton downtown or Stoney Creek GO!).

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