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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted July 30, 2015 at 14:24:00

Related topic -- this brings the argument to whether Toronto should gain farezones or not. People are thinking Toronto should gain them, given the reach of TTC into Vaughan now.

And with the bidirectional 2-way faregates being purchased, the tapin-tapout capability makes it easier to add farezones to the TTC subway.

This would go against the grain of this. There's pros/cons, and now we consider the GO system. Due to large distances, commuter trains, high speed trains, and airplanes have de-facto farezones -- the farther you go, the more you pay.

Toronto is not as compact as Paris and many of these little towns, so free transit or single-farezone GO trains would be a royal challenge, given the structural asymmetries forced by distance...

That said, 416-area GO RER trains could be single-farzoned (The GO RER segments that covers the "SmartTrack" length, for example). Beyond 2017 will be when the fare integration excitements begin to occur for Toronto, when the entire TTC is presto-ized like the rest of the GTHA already is. The fare integeration fun begins.

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