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By stefancaunter (registered) - website | Posted November 18, 2015 at 09:26:48

Aberdeen is terribly dangerous due to chillingly uncaring operation of cars. It should be one lane each way, with protected bike lanes, so that walkers (parents with small children) are not 3 feet from speeding cars.

The Ontario municipal system prevents this. Suburban votes outnumber urban votes, like in almost every Ontario "municipality", or more precisely, "collection of disparate competing areas".

I've long since stopped wishing sensible things would get done in Ontario cities, and instead marvel at the tolerance its people have for political insanity. Suburban councillors will lose their "job" if they vote against their area's interests. That is why a "Hamilton" councillor will consistently screw Kirkendall. There is a strong disincentive to act collectively in this system.

Have fun.

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