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By jorvay (registered) | Posted November 18, 2015 at 12:10:19 in reply to Comment 114899

Funny thing about common sense is that it can be subjective. I thought it was common sense to buy a house near where I work and save about $8,000 a year by riding a bike instead of buying a second car and driving.

About 30-40% of cyclists ride year round (I assume this is referring to commuting cyclists). I use bike lanes in this city year-round for my daily commute during the peaks of both morning and afternoon rush hour. Even in a blizzard, there are numerous bike tire tracks on the lanes before I get there. Also, as I see the peak traffic volumes along streets in this city every day, I can say with a tonne of confidence that none of the bike lanes in the lower city have any significant impact on traffic congestion. Cars move freely and catch virtually every light on the timed-light streets. The only place I ever see actual traffic is on the 403 as I pass over it. Bike lanes cost a comically small amount compared to road lanes before you even start to factor in the difference in cost of parking, maintenance, and collision resolution.

And really, blaming bike lanes for pollution because of increased auto traffic congestion is like blaming a medical researcher for the loss of hospice jobs because they cured a fatal disease.

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