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By ArmChair PM (anonymous) | Posted November 18, 2015 at 18:49:01

Very interesting read. As someone who traded in a daily commute to Mississauga for a daily walk from Kirkendall to downtown where I now work; I have several stories highlighting how unsafe walking is in the city. Just this morning, I was crossing Hughson at Main and had to stop in the middle of the cross walk to defend against a driver who not only violated the cross walk but also blew right into the right lane on Main Street. When the light turned green this car careened around the corner and into the courthouse. I guess that extra 5 minutes at the light was too much for him to bear!

My favourite incident happened at Aberdeen and Queen. I cross here everyday and usually catch the light in the same sequence. I wait for the advanced green for the traffic heading left from Queen onto Aberdeen (heading towards the 403) to change to a solid green. The cars heading up Beckett on this solid green block the cars turning left; leaving me only to worry about the odd impatient driver trying to turn right from Aberdeen onto Beckett. (a death stare is usually enough to stop them from advancing)

One day last month, I got to the cross walk when the light was already solid green and there were no cars heading up Beckett. I had the white walk sign and headed into the intersection. I was about half way across when a car made a screeching left turn from Beckett in front of me; and the guy yelled "green light, buddy". I'm sorry, I guess I will cross on a RED next time. My personal opinion is that the customized sequence at this light should be removed as drivers obviously can't figure out when they need to yield.

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