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By Best Interest Both Parents (anonymous) | Posted January 12, 2016 at 02:27:02

In the article above it is cited as 79.3% of primary custody goes to the mother, therefor the payors are predominantly the father. More often then not the payor pays and clearly understands the many punishments allocated to him if he does not. Where is it stipulated that the best interest of the child is to have that father in the child(s) life, as statistics clearly show the damage of when both parents are not present. That mothers routinely restrict access and marginalize the non custodial parent. Where is the enforced guidelines of punishment for the mothers when the access is restricted. Where is the Family Responsibility Office when funds need to be withheld so that the mother's behave and act according to visitation and court orders. The courts need to wake up and see that there is more deadbeat Moms than Deadbeat Dads

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