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By Anonymous Adam (anonymous) | Posted January 27, 2016 at 12:50:23

I live in this area and have to agree with the cut through traffic. When West 5 was being ripped up I had to call enforcement several times to set up something to slow the guys doing 80km in front of my house.
As to Southam Park, its used for dogs to poop on, drug deals and underage drinking, with a side of constant graffiti. Its a shame. More people cycling through the area would hopefully curb some of that activity.
I am constantly seeing people walking up this access and its frustrating that they put themselves and others at risk, there is 2 stairways for access, but they do not use them.
I particularly like how they rebuilt the area around it complete with LED lights, then rebuilt the rock wall at Fennel and W5, but did not put in a sidewalk right in front of Auchmar, at an intersection of a hospital and college. Pure Genius. I am waiting for someone to fall in front of me as they skim around the 2 poles at the corner and walk down the 8 inch foot path to James

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