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By Stephen Barath (anonymous) | Posted February 03, 2016 at 14:21:02

I lived in Colombia for a while- in Bogota. It's still a developing country, but the city and country both have made great progress in the last couple of decades. There's certainly a considerate amount of inequality, but it's not at all the case that "the only wealthy people in Colombia are drug lords."

Bogota is far from perfect; it’s got a lot of liveability issues, in fact. I actually often recall Bogota and other "third world" cities when I’m waiting to cross a highway off-ramp less than two kilometres from downtown, where the municipal government has been unable to afford any kind of infrastructure besides a ‘Wait for Gap’ sign.

Additionally, I bet that there are no municipal councillors in Bogota whose knowledge of Canada is sourced from a thirty-year-old Hollywood comedy.

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