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By CharlesBall (registered) | Posted February 03, 2016 at 16:08:49 in reply to Comment 116342

According to Wikipedia, Bogota's murder rate is 24 times that of New York City. In 2014 there were 155 murders in Ontario. There were over 1,700 reported murders in Bogota in 2007 and it has gotten worse since. No one really knows how many there really are as there are estimated to be over 1600 assassins working in the metropolitan area. This says nothing about kidnappings and other violent crimes. Kidnappings have been a way of life there for generations. It is getting better and used to be way worse. You can look up the economic statistics but the rich/poor dichotomy is astronomically worse than in Ontario. There have been massive improvements in the last 15 years as the internal civil war(s) appear to be resolving. It is a near equatorial climate. Not sure it is the best comparator to Hamilton.

When you are at the bottom and improving, of course you are on a positive trajectory. Hamilton has a long way to go to revive the dynamics, optimism and economic verve of the 1950s to 70's

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