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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted February 22, 2016 at 14:19:02

Given the suburban make up of your council and what decisions/beliefs generally drive them (sorry unintended pun), is it any surprise that they really haven't taken on the development of your harbor renewal plan with much dedication or thought? Should it be a surprise when they remove a successful bus lane because people fear the loss of parking lanes and argue that better highway access via a residential street(Aberdeen)is the right way to go for the core of your city? The virtual handstands your Council was doing to essentially develop a large business park near your Airport, which would have done very little to get more actual passenger and or freight traffic through the actual airport. All their focuses and decisions are based on getting people out of the centre core not actually living or working there. Its no surprise to me that, as a person who doesn't live in your city, your local media has given me much more information and attention about development opportunities in the core of your city, including LRT by the way, than your council has ever attempted to send out. A friend of mine, who lives in the Hamilton area was stunned that I knew about the increasing amount of developments around the lower city of Hamilton, especially since the LRT was given a green light by the province and Metrolinx. I told him it was the media and websites like yours where I got the information because your city sure isn't doing it!

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