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By Noted (anonymous) | Posted April 17, 2016 at 19:18:38 in reply to Comment 117712

"[In] 1983, Pittsburgh’s unemployment rate reached 17.1 percent and the city was losing more than 4,000 people a month. The steel industry that had built modern Pittsburgh, funded its museums and mansions, its football team and its aspiring middle class, was cratering, never to return."

Unemployment also varies by county: "In January 1983, the regional economy officially -- that is, numerically -- bottomed out. Unemployment in Allegheny County hit 13.9 percent, a rosy figure compared to the rest of the Pittsburgh metropolitan statistical area, where the adjusted unemployment rate hit an astonishing 17.1 percent (unadjusted, the number was actually higher, 18.2 percent).… In industrialized Beaver County, the rate hit 27.1 percent in January 1983 -- greater than the peak U.S. unemployment rate during the Great Depression."

Comparison: Hamilton's unemployment rate for 1982 reached almost 12%, or 5-6% below Pittburgh's (which, proportionately, was around 50% higher than Hamilton's.

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