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By bobby2 (registered) | Posted November 30, 2016 at 17:30:09

I live in Ward 15 not Ward 14 ,however, feel highly offended that the author chose to designate Ward 14 as unworthy of having a say in City business! Like many current Wards that contribute to our bloated organization called Hamilton, we had no chose to be part of it. Trust me, the Amalgamated Wards, if combined without the original old City, would run a much more efficient community than this current highly overstaffed model. I won't bore with statistics but this City needs a huge look at Public Service employees levels, what they do, what is redundant & what Department Heads ignore as it's much easier than fighting with Unions & no upside to Department heads for doing it. Brampton is a prime example of hiring a house cleaner & is cleaning house of many who years ago stopped adding value to City business! Happen in Hamilton? Doubt it, our Councillors don't have the Political courage.

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