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By yengraham (registered) | Posted February 27, 2017 at 19:34:42 in reply to Comment 120833

Thanks for your comment.

I based Westdale's enrollment numbers on the HWDSB'S current projection found here under the Q and A tab at the bottom: It shows Westdale at 1,163 for 2016 and then it fluctuates between 1272 to 1394 over the next 5 years, but below its 1521 capacity. But you are correct. During the Accommodation Review in 2012, Westdale capacity was over at 1657. In 2012, SJAM had an enrollment of 1,168.

I find it interesting that the HWDSB is projecting declining enrollment at Westdale. It just shows that enrollment numbers can be fluid and potentially change over time. Even the school board recognized this. In this article, it says the HWDSB is considering keeping the SJAM building just in case population increases indicate it needs to be reopened:

Also, the HWDSB keeps saying enrollment is not the only factor. Other factors such as building conditions are also considered. But schools in low-income neighbourhoods are often left to deteriorate and as a result are at the highest risk of facing closure.

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