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By DanJelly (registered) | Posted February 27, 2017 at 20:50:30

The HWDSB governance is wholly broken. Trustees are part time, meaning most of them have jobs on top of their trustee duties. There are only 11 trustees to cover 15 wards, which means at election time several of them in combined wards find themselves with an impossible number of voters to connect with. Their campaigns get very little media coverage compared to Council races. Many trustees have seen the position as a personal stepping-stone, and don't seem to care much about education.

Senior HWDSB staff have long taken advantage of all of this and basically run the board as they see fit. Without looking this up, I can safely guess that none of them live anywhere near SJAM, and in fact I wonder if many of the people with great influence over Hamilton's education system aren't actually from other cities. They heavily prioritized putting the new education centre on the mountain, near the LINC, and it wasn't for the benefit of parents or children.

While the rest of the city has woken up to the fact that our downtown is a jewel, the HWDSB is sprinting away from it like it's on fire.

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