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By AinslieWood (registered) - website | Posted February 28, 2017 at 20:02:42

The arguments in this article also apply to the decision to sell Prince Philip in Ainslie Wood to renovate George R. Allen (now Cootes Paradise) in neighbouring Westdale. There were 4 Westdale residents and 2 Ainslie Wood residents on the Accommodation Review Committee, even though Ainslie Wood has a much bigger population. The then-trustee, Judith Bishop, lives in Westdale and aggressively pushed the ARC towards saving both of Westdale's elementary schools, while cheerfully sacrificing AW's single elementary school. There was rule-breaking and unethical conduct by that self-serving trustee during the ARC process. According to the Spec's Code Red, the median income in Ainslie Wood is slightly more than half that of Westdale. The percentage of visible minority residents in AW is more than double. AW has 4 big Hamilton Housing buildings, while Westdale has zero. Yet Westdale has two elementary schools and we have none. Class warfare is alive and well in the HWDSB, as the parents of Hess St. and SJAM are learning to their sorrow. My family went through the same hell and I offer them my sympathy. The HWDSB is elitist and corrupt and should be abolished ASAP.

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