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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted May 11, 2017 at 17:36:35

@notlloyd, If you are worried how car traffic from the suburbs of Hamilton bound for downtown Hamilton in the morning peak hours will get out of downtown Hamilton back to suburban Hamilton in the afternoon peak hours during the construction and operation of the LRT line, then that is a legitimate question. If you are asking whether traffic leaving Hamilton through downtown in the morning peak hours and coming back into town through downtown in the afternoon peak hours will be blocked or inhibited by the LRT line then, that is part of the problem! This is the only major Ontario city I have ever seen who's road network forces its central area to function as the neck of a commuter traffic funnel to take primarily car traffic and a large proportion of its working population out of town to go somewhere else, every business day. That needs to change if your city plans to survive in the long term.

Your LRT line will make it easier for you to get around in your city especially as a transit passenger. The economic uplift from LRT will be focusing more jobs and development into Hamilton instead of somewhere else. Lessening the need to have so much traffic leave your city every day to go somewhere else, just to go to work.

Should a transit line eventually go in the direction of Dundas yes but not the first one. The focusing of transit passenger traffic travel in the city as opposed to going out of it is of prime importance. If you want your transit lines to just reinforce the existing travel pattern that takes the population outside of your city via your road network then, you will have a relatively busy line that just ends up focusing development and its benefits to somewhere else, for another community's benefit, at your operating expense.

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