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By Brian (registered) | Posted December 03, 2007 at 16:11:14

Why does this surprise anyone? Public Works, City Council, the Mayor's Office, Queens' Park - none of these venerable institutions care a whit about bringing RTH into the community. This will not take leadership, but public activism. Those who know of RTH cannot argue against the value it would bring to Hamilton, But why do we think that our elected leadership or esteemed city bureaucracy want to effect real change? It will only happen when the public is convinced it is inevitable, much like the Red Hill Creek Ex-Conservation Way.

In that spirit, of course RTH will happen! It is part of the downtown revitalization plan! Kudos to the Mayor and City Council for proposing such a bold initiative. To those which still grumble, hey, the plan is inevitable, all part of the master lobbying plan of greedy downtown property developers who are scheming to derail city hall’s long range plan of suburbanizing the whole of Hamilton Wentworth. I know everyone is disappointed of the loss of jobs; thousands of hours of work to extend city water mains into north Flamborough and Waterdown, but hey, how can we fight them?

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