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By Balance (anonymous) | Posted December 13, 2007 at 21:28:38

I have a GM and a Honda. Both are great vehicles. I've never thought one is better then the other. In Brazil GM is one of the most popular brands of vehicles. To be fair, "The American" cars should be able to be sold whereever North Americans import cars from. Due to globalization, I truly don't believe that there are any cars built that are truly only American. IE. The Ford Ranger pick up is exactly the same as the Mazda pick up. John Deere excavators are exactly the same as Hitachi.

GM is supplying the North American automarket with what they want. In Brazil they are doing the same with fuel efficient vehicles.

As consumers and manufacturers, we should be able to export our products to whereever we import products from and let the market decide. Government should not be involved.

Just some rambling.

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