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By rusty (registered) - website | Posted November 13, 2006 at 10:43:11

Hi ‘by’

Well, there was nothing in the article, or my comments on the article, to provoke your ‘presumption’…but, now that you mention it… 

Actually, although it might be natural to presume that those of us with a different point of view to those in power, assume that everyone who supports those in power are ignorant – it’s not really true, and it’s not really that simple.

I know that some of the most educated and aware people are members of our ‘opposition’, same goes for many of those who vote for them. By the same token, it’s likely that many of the folks who vote for the people and support the ideas we put forward on this site have not taken the time to really understand the issues – it works both ways. There is more than just ignorance to account for when it comes to swaying someone’s point of view (personal values and experiences are also huge factors).

All the article – and all that I – am really saying is that voters should really make an effort to learn about the issues and the solutions before they cast a vote. I don’t actually agree that anyone who has not ‘done their homework’ should not vote, in fact, if anything I believe that voting should be mandatory, but that’s another discussion. I just think that as a society we should make more effort – in our schools, in our colleges, in our newspapers – to learn about the issues and become engaged.



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