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By John Dolbec (anonymous) | Posted August 05, 2008 at 13:31:00

Well, if we are indeed so "irrelevant", then why on earth is our opinion so darned "important" to everyone? :-)

Just why did Terry waste two columns of space, why did two contributors to the Spec. want to drag us into it "unsolicated"?

And why now two seperate blog pieces on this site alone?

If we do not really matter at all - then why, oh why, all this fuss?

And further, Tery should be the first to know that it is not "courage" that we lack; i.e that we must agree with him, but are just too "scared" to act.

We remain unafraid to still tackle big issues "head on" publically and privately where we feel that we do enjoy a reasonably strong concensus amongst the broader business community; e.g. Airport Employment Lands or the Mid-Penn.

However, we cannot morally say that we represent business, when we feel that business is clearly very divided.

Proponents just have to do a better job presenting their case - not get up on moral "high horses" chastising those who may not be yet fully "on side" - bullying is certainly not the way to influence anyone, particularly someone genuinely undecided.

And from where I sit at this moment; I say again, that I perceive no broad concensus from business people, even amongst the downtown entrepreneurs - so, again, if you don't want that message "kill the messenger" if you will -but it will not change the issue.

We will not be bullied into something as important as this - convince us.


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